We All Need A Little “Me” Time

As much as we all love to spend time with our children and our significant others all of us always need a little “me time”. 

Washing the car is my “me time”. And when I say washing the car I mean going through every single piece of it, inside and out terminating every single piece of dust and dirt in sight. I honestly could spend and easy 3-4 hours if I had that type of time without the responsibilities of being a father, but since I tend to the little princess my time is usually cut short. 

One other thing I do for my daily “me time” is go to the bathroom. Now when I say that, I don’t mean that my me time is “taking the browns to the Super Bowl”. No, it’s just the quiet place that I can go and think, not be bothered, and just have the momentarily peace and quiet that is only present when the baby happens to be taking a nap. I usually get a knock on the door after 30 minutes or so followed by a “hurry up in there” because everyone on the outside thinks I’m handling “business”. That is when I know my time is up.

I love my family and I love spending as much time with them as I can, but on the contrary we have to remember that sometimes we need to consciously take time for ourselves to keep sanity. 

I strongly believe in quality not quantity in the time you take for yourself. You need to be diligent in that time. If that means putting your phone down for a period of time do it. If it means go outside in the yard because you love outdoors and that’s how it clears your mind then do it. 30 minutes can be just as effective as 3 days to yourself if you do it right. 

Take turns with your partner if it’s an option. I understand some may not have that luxury. But maybe one of you a week get 2 hours to go and catch a movie by yourself, a bite to eat, or a stroll on the beach. The following week the roles switch, one watches the kids and the other gets the 2 hours. 

I personally don’t think it’s being selfish, I believe it’s being aware that you are as important as everyone around you and you are entitled to time of your own free from whatever responsibilities you may have. Time is one thing that no one can ever get back so spend it wisely and always remember to take time for yourself.

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