Time Is Irreversible

As I type this up I’m fighting the urge to doze off while Camila is sleeping with nothing but a bib and daiper on my chest. 

Time like these remind me of how quick time passes. 

I’m going to be cliche and say that it feels like only yesterday she was just born a little more than 8 pounds 11 ounces, and that first day of life, Ashley and I were awake for an accumulated 30 hours and slept only in 10-20 minute increments enjoying the tiny little human that she was. 

The feeling of her trying to grab my hand with her worm sized finger, the brief moments when it was dark and she would peek her eyes open to say hi to me and go back to sleep is indescribable.

Now going on almost 8 months old and 20 something pounds I find us in the same position in which we spent most of our first hours together. 

I reminisce of the sleepless nights, the messes made, the scratches to my faces, and the random explosive daipers we have endured to get us to this exact moment and smile knowing that everything has been worth it. 

In the moment most of us might take things for granted because I know at times I most certainly do only to realize in the future how precious things really are. 

To me time is one of the simplest most mundane things that no one pays much attention to until it has passed. Time gives no one a do over, there is no such time machine that has been invented yet, and time definitely waits for no one. 

I feel super corny like I’m saying things from out of a Hallmark card but as I see Camila grow each and every day I myself am learning to be thankful and cherish time as it is in its present tense form. I am beginning to understand that you cannot get memories back if you missed them and that’s something I do not want to regret later in life.  

“Time is free, But its priceless

You can’t own it, but you can use it

You can’t keep it, but you can spend it

Once you’ve lost it, you can never get it back”


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