Science Experiments With Cami

The one place that you can go and almost always walk out with something you absolutely do not need, or that is kind of ridiculous is the 99 cent store or the seasonal holiday section of Wal-Mart! So on our most recent trip there we end up walking out with those little pills that when you put them into water they grow into something amazing. Camila was eyeing them as we walked down the aisle and kid inside me wanted to surface once again. I figured why not? Camila could have some fun wondering what’s going on and it could be our first family science experiment. So we headed to the beach because we live in San Diego. We made a little step by step on how our experimenting went.


Step 1So first you’re going to need something to put the little grow capsules in. We happened to have an extra mason jar laying around so that is what we used. Camila is going through the phase where she thinks anything and everything can go in her mouth which is why she is attempting to eat the jar.


Step 2

What you want to do next is get a couple of the magic beans and toss them into the empty cup. Now don’t get to excited, nothing amazing happens just yet. But here comes the fun part!


Step 3 
So now is when you get to add the water. Like I said earlier, Camila likes to try and eat everything so here she is trying to drink the activation juice for our experiment. You could probably use soda or sparkling water or champagne and that might work as well but they might look a little funny at the end.


Step 4

This is the not so fun part. The waiting… So you can find something to do in the meantime. Go and stretch your legs, watch a movie on Netflix, or go get a snack! In just a few hours these little pill form experiments will break through the clear capsule and turn into something amazing!


Step 5

All the wild science got Camila tired so during the time we were waiting for the things to grow she took a nap, which is also an option for all of you reading this. After a good amount of time just take a look at the specimens and see if they look ready to take out. If so, then just go ahead and pull them out, squeeze out the extra water and you will see what you made! We happened to get a green carrot, a blue flower, a pink butterfly, and an orange bunny rabbit.


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