No Days Off

Being a parent is no easy task. The schedule is very demanding, your boss is a baby, and there are no days off. Its not as simple as filling out a form to request some time off for work. Not at all.

For those of you who don’t already know, Ashley is a stay at home mom while I work to “bring home the bacon” as everyone says. She deserves a lot more credit than she gets because honestly Camila is a handful. She may look adorable and laugh or smile at everyone who passes by but she can be a sassy little baby when no one is around. 

On my days off from work I try to lighten her load. Taking the helm of the S.S. Camila even for the day is sometimes a struggle for me. Leave us alone to run errands for like maybe 3 hours and I’ll be fine. I usually don’t end up finishing the errands or getting any of the correct stuff but we can just blame that on the fact that I’m a guy.  Let’s just put it this way, if our list isn’t a picture book with specific names and prices on it, 80% of the time you can guarantee we will come home with different items. 

Luckily most of the time Ashley is with us but I still need those little tips, like when she is crying, I get the whole checklist of things to see what she may want/need me to do.

  • Is her daiper changed? 
  • Is she hungry? 
  • Does she wanna be spoiled by daddy? 
  • Is she sleepy? 

The few times we have ventured out without mom with us has been quite an adventure but every day that passes by I get a little better! 

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