“Let them cry, they will get tired”

“Let them cry they will get tired”. Words I have heard that 90% of the time have been a total lie. When I let her cry, it’s strange because it aggravates her to the point where she gains the strength of 1000 dragons.

So it either one of two things.

  1. I have a super baby who defies the law of baby sleep behavior
  2. The theory does not work

I’m starting to believe that it’s a little of both. Camila being the daddy’s girl that she is, gets whatever she wants from me, whenever she wants it. So for me the longest I can let her cry before I cave in is like 5 minutes max before I run over & scoop her up out the crib. Which I know to those parents who are level 100 on the parenting scale, unlike me, may only seem like 5 seconds but hey what can I say the princess is spoiled.

Now she is starting to get stronger where she just goes from the sleeping position to siting up all on her own when it supposed to be bedtime. So what happens is we lay her down, tuck her in like a little tamale, give her a bottle and she is supposed to go to sleep. Up until recently she has been good, but now after all that hard work you look at the crib only 3 minutes later to see a little head moving, then an eye just poking though the bars of the crib staring at us with a “can you come pick me up” look.

Now sleep training and routines are important but they tend to be a little hard to keep. Almost as if you have to plan your whole day around getting home just in time to prep bath time, pick some pajamas, wash bottles, and trying to get that last minute cleaning before it’s time for the house to hit mute and call it a night.

Despite us being a little unorganized at times our normal routine that we TRY and stick to every night goes a little something like this.

  • Wash bottles
  • Get pajamas ready
  • 8:00 is shower time
  • Take her to the room and start winding down (by winding down we play baby music on her carousel that hangs over the crib. She likes that)
  • Plop her down in the crib, give her the bottle and hope for the best

As Camila continues to grow and develop and do things that I am not sure how to handle like putting a crazy super human baby to sleep I turn to the internet to express myself and see if there are any other super human babies out there & to ask what those parents did to K’O the little ones.

*Just a side note. DO NOT actually knock out your babies!


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