Growing Up Or Getting Old? 

I always thought that I would forever be the hip, stylish, tech-savvy type of person even after becoming a parent. Now I’m starting to notice things slowly changing and day by day accepting the reality that I’m either growing up or getting old.
I never wanted my kids to have company over to the house one day and have to explain to their friends that their father is the one in the white knee high socks, running shoes, with a Metallica shirt tucked into my beige cargo short shorts.

Most of you are probably thinking, “This kid is 21, he can’t possibly be getting old!”. My physique is not what I’m referring to, but my behavior.

What used to be saggy pants that drooped lower than my butt has now evolved into pants that sit properly above my waist accompanied by the same black leather belt every day. I find myself yawning and wanting to take a nap mid day contrary to having endless amounts of energy throughout the day. When I’m browsing through stores in search of a new outfit I find myself more and more attracted to Polo knit shirts (The official Dad shirt). After a few minutes of physical activity I find myself huffing and puffing breaking a sweat at the simplest of tasks. Common sense has increased dramatically. In my high school years up until recently, before we had Camila, I would act first think later and at some point regret my poor decision. Now the process goes a little like “think, think again, then act”.

So I asked myself, am I growing up, or am I just getting old? Then like a lightning bolt straight from Zeus himself, it hit me. Neither. Getting old is inevitable. Growing up is usually associated with doing the “adult thing” and not to act like a kid anymore. That left me wondering what category I would put myself in.

Category of Adaptation 

I refuse to let the inner child inside of me die. The one who always wants to go to baseball games, and jump in the ocean, or do weird pointless science expiriments for the heck of it. Concurrently I don’t want to throw caution to the wind and disregard the adult responsibilities that keeps my family and I afloat. So I am in the category of my own called adapting. I will forever be adapting to the environment around me making sure I take on all responsibilities as a father, and fiancé, but still manage to balance the time I take to have fun, relieve stress, and do things that I want to do.

Life can seem overwhelming, but the constant that will always be there is time. So make it fun, try to make it last, and enjoy the journey. After all we only get to do it once. YOLO!


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