Eating Out Is Just To Easy

When you become a parent, finding time to cook a home made meal can be extremely hard. More often than not it’s not that you’re just lazy, but life comes at you hard, running back and fourth to settle the fussy baby, or trying to clean up, and handling other household related duties simultaneously it seems almost impossible.

Now how simple is it that you can just put baby in the car seat, take a ride down the street to the nearest McDonalds, pick up a tasty 20 McNugget meal and have the little one fall asleep on the way there?! It’s almost too tempting to pass up right?

It’s all fine and dandy till our body starts to reflect the not so healthy and disciplined choices we have been making.

Now I am no expert but I do kind of have an obsession with being organized liked nobody’s business. So it dawned on me. Assuming you would like to eat more home cooked meals and try to plan them out, why not schedule meals and designated days for fast food or take out?

Maybe for your schedule Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday are the easiest days for you to cook a meal? Try picking out all the ingredients a couple days before hand to reduce the grocery store drive by’s you have to do on the way home from work. Then set a reminder on you calendar. Something like “Spaghetti and garlic bread on Wednesday” so you don’t forget, because something always comes up that makes the thought of the simple to/do’s slip our minds.

Despite the toll that eating out has on our bodies and overall health, don’t forget the toll it could have on your wallet. Assume you spend $15 every night you eat out for dinner, and you eat our 5 days a week. That’s $75 a week, $300 a month, $3600 a year! Substitute that with your regular grocery trips and the savings you would end up with would be surprisingly impressive.


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