Credit Is Given Where Credit Is Deserved

Today was the first time that I had to watch Camila all on my own with no help from Ashley and I got to say it was quite some work.

Ashley was recently offered a job and she had to do some things with paper work, going here, going there, all that good stuff you know? I figured I could take care of Camila for a few hours. I thought to myself “This is going to be a piece of cake. All I have to do is feed her, change a couple pee diapers and maybe even a poop, and we are going to have all kinds of fun!”

Before Ashley and I split ways for the portion of the day that she will be gone she started to give me a list of things that I had to get done while taking care of Cami. In my head I was like “wow she expects me to babysit Camila, AND RUN ERRANDS?! How rude.” But then I stopped being selfish to realize that is what she does everyday.


It was all cupcakes and rainbows until about 37 minutes into the day.

The thing is, Camila wasn’t the devil child or screaming at the tops of her lungs, but I was slowly starting to realize how much work goes into taking care of a baby all on your own. Its like a balancing act. You can leave them on the floor to be free and crawl but only if you check on them every 5 seconds to make sure they aren’t putting their fingers into the outlets. You can definitely take them out on a shopping spree with you, but if they get tired of being in the stroller be prepared to carry them in one arm, push the stroller along with your foot, and browse your clothes with the other hand.

I’m walking into Wal-Mart locked and loaded with a diaper bag full of goodies, a list of things to buy, and a baby who hadn’t decided if she was ready to turn down for her nap. Out of the blue I hear some lady scream from halfway across the parking lot “YOUR BLANKET IS DRAGGING!”. To be honest with you guys it was a little embarrassing but I took my first “L” of the day and continued on.

I don’t know how you ladies do it but you have some skills and let me explain why.

I don’t know if I did the wrong thing or if there is an easier way to do this but I took the stroller out the car instead of getting a basket but on the bright side I did take my own reusable bags because who wants to pay 10 cents extra? Not me!

Now not really thinking my plan through I forgot about all the items I needed to get and how they probably would fit in the stroller. I didn’t come to that conclusion until I picked out the first of many checks on the list and Camila was already asleep. I had no other choice but to the my second “L” of the day and quickly move through the store.

I was freaking stacking everything on top of the stroller and it looked like I was building the Pyramids in Egypt. Of Course people were staring at me. The hood of the stroller was almost caving in because like I said I had to get a lot. If anyone took a picture of me id probably end up on the .(If you want to have some laughs click the link and enjoy.)

No matter who you are, if you are actively taking care of you child you know how much work it can be. Not just the shopping trips, not just the nap times, not just the errands you might have to complete, but everything. Everything becomes a challenge compared to what it was Pre-parenthood.

In light of my new found respect for those who care for their children I  want to acknowledge all the moms and dads out there and just say “Thank you and that you are appreciated”. Credit is given where credit is deserved and you guys have earned it.


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