Be As Quiet As A Mouse

I’m laying in bed, lights off, blinds closed, and the light of the tv is the only thing letting me make out faint figures of objects around me in the room. You can actually here the bugs outside the window breathing.

Why you might ask? Well Camila, Ashley, and I had just come back from Chuck E Cheese. We played games, and ate some pizza, it was a blast. So you can only imagine how tired Camila was.

So we pull up to the house and Camila is fast asleep in the car seat. It’s usually my job to take her out the car and bring her inside and Ashley bring in other things like the diaper bag, blankets, etc.

So just like the bomb squad carefully disarming an explosive I attempt to remove her from the car seat, carry her all the way inside, and lay her back in the crib WITHOUT waking her up. About 7 minutes and 23 seconds later I completed what had seemed to be an impossible task.

So about half an hour later me and Ashley are laying in bed and she falls asleep on my chest. Now I’m stuck. I can’t get up because I’ll wake up Ashley, and then if I did manage to, I can’t make any noise because I would wake up Camila.

With nothing but the remote control for the tv and the PS4 within reach. I grab what entertainment I had and start playing Call of Duty. The volume on the tv was at a peaceful 0, & like I said before all lights were off, and the blinds were shut closed.

So there I was. The last man standing. Playing video games and trying not to make any sudden noise for fear of waking one of the two sleeping beauties.

The quiet lasted for about 1 hour then they both awoke and the cycle of controlled chaos began all over again.


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