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I feel like most of us have heard the term, “dad jokes” before. Well if you haven’t I’ll kind of sum it for you real quick. Pretty much it’s a […]

My love for random stuff and my love for doing fun things with Camila has spurred yet another amazing experiment that we would like to share with you all!  Since […]

I’m laying in bed, lights off, blinds closed, and the light of the tv is the only thing letting me make out faint figures of objects around me in the […]

I always thought that I would forever be the hip, stylish, tech-savvy type of person even after becoming a parent. Now I’m starting to notice things slowly changing and day […]

When you become a parent, finding time to cook a home made meal can be extremely hard. More often than not it’s not that you’re just lazy, but life comes […]

All my life I have always heard the same thing day in and day out. “Why don’t you speak Spanish? You’re Mexican aren’t you?”. I then have to attempt to […]

As much as we all love to spend time with our children and our significant others all of us always need a little “me time”.  Washing the car is my […]

Being a parent is no easy task. The schedule is very demanding, your boss is a baby, and there are no days off. Its not as simple as filling out […]

“Let them cry they will get tired”. Words I have heard that 90% of the time have been a total lie. When I let her cry, it’s strange because it […]

Introducing Camila to foods has been one of the messier things so far. She finds is hilarious to smack the spoon and send food flying through the air which eventually […]

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