Just Another Dad


I wish I could say I’m the super man dad who has never done anything wrong, who knows the answer to any question but the reality is that I’m not.

I am Just Another Dad who is trying to make a better life for my daughter. I want to share my experiences with all who would like to know. I want to share my experiences, thoughts, lessons learned, the do’s/dont’s, my alter ego “super dad”, and anything else that comes up.

Going into life day after day with really no clue how to handle what curveball my daughter decides to hit me with next is kind of the reason I have decided to share everything. I don’t think there are to many dads out there who share the “Dad Life” publicly enough for others to take tips, or even learn from their mistakes. I’m more than happy to put it all out there to put a smile on a few faces, give out a few laughs, and even if it means just helping one person understand a little more than they did before reading this.

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