The whole purpose of the site is to spread a message of positivity and encouragement with a hint of humor. Being a father to your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or whatever number child it may be for you, can seem daunting and overwhelming not knowing what the future may hold.
At least for me it was and to this day still is. I’m not scared of being a dad but I’m more scared of what lies beyond what I do not know.
For example, how do I handle when my daughter tells me she wants to start dating? What do I do when she asks me to braid her hair for school? How about when she asks where do babies come from?!
My Family and I take our new journey of parenthood one step at a time trying to conquer whatever new curveball this amazing thing called “life” throws at us.
So I just want to share this journey with you. I want you guys to see the ups, the downs, the do’s and the dont’s, the small things we do to pass time and have fun, and sometimes even my own special opinions as I may go on rants about topics on my mind.
I also want to share others stories about how becoming a father/parent has changed their lives and how they continue to cope with the evolving life of parenthood.
After all I am no superhero, I’m definitely not anything special and that is where I came up with the name “Just Another Dad”, because that is exactly what I am.
I am just another dad who only wishes the best for my kids and others children as well. I take everything as a learning experience and only wish to provide and give my daughter the best life possible and hopefully I can provide insight to others as well through my publicized life as a first time dad.


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